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Five reasons why web chat is the perfect solution for IT consultants

By Nick East

June 2, 2021

Being an IT consultant is no easy job. On top of the general struggles of running a business in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s finding the right balance between offering seamless customer support and providing the required technical expertise. That’s where Verbatim can help. Our web chat and call answering services can help you achieve that all-important balance. We can give you more time to focus on your business and your customers. Here’s how …    

New business opportunities

It’s not unusual when you run a consultancy to be torn between the project you’re working on and taking new enquiries that are crucial for the future success of your business. If the phone should ring when you’re on-site with a client, it’s not always easy to speak to new prospects. By having Verbatim manage your web chat, we can keep conversations going with potential prospects at any time, even when you’re out on a job. Plus our call-answering services can be turned on and off as you need them. You can make sure when you’re on site with a client, they can be diverted to Verbatim to be handled professionally according to your guidance. We can even book meetings with new prospects, for a time that suits you.

Better time management

IT professionals often get asked many ‘common questions’. This could be anything from “how can I set up my ‘out of office’” to “OH NO! my screen has just frozen, what should I do?” The time you spend dealing with them can really add up quickly. Our web chat offering can help you to manage them. You can give us a list of your FAQ’s, and explain how you want us to handle them. From then on, any time someone asks on your website or calls with one of these questions, you don’t have to waste time dealing with them and can concentrate on the current project – while your existing clients are still happy too. It’s win-win.

A competitive edge

A high-quality web chat and answering service will make your business stand out from the competition – earning you more business and helping your company to  grow. We don’t just answer messages and calls. We can answer questions, process orders, collect lead information and provide general customer service support, so your customers feel taken care of even when they don’t get through to you.

Improved productivity

We all know how frustrating it is to be interrupted when you’re mid-workflow by messages and a ringing phone. But it’s business and it could be important – so you need to respond. Once you’ve dealt with it you try to go back to work right away. But did you know it takes the human brain an average of 25 minutes to get back into the swing of things once it’s been interrupted? If your phone didn’t beep or ring in the first place, you might be able to enjoy a quiet and uninterrupted workflow – dramatically increasing your productivity and output.

Support when you need it

Many IT consultants claim to offer ‘24-hour support’ but in reality, can you really? What if a customer calls in the middle of the night? Or if you are stuck in a traffic jam? Or sick? It’s not as easy as it sounds. But in the IT industry it can be a game changer – it’s vital that you’re on hand the very moment a customer needs you to help. Verbatim can make sure your web chat is available at any time of day or night. We can also contact your staff in your preferred order until an available team member is available to assist. As well as offering genuine 24/7 support we can also manage an emergency call out system that is completely hands-free on your part, and will get your on-call team working like clockwork.

Here at Verbatim, we work with a number of IT consultants and professionals, supporting them as they support local business owners. Our services range from web chat management, to 24/7 call-answering services, holiday cover, overflow cover and even lead qualification. If you would like to know more, all you need to do is get in touch with us today.


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