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Why Work With An Independent Business For Call Answering?

By Nick East

November 4, 2019

When it comes to taking business calls, it can sometimes feel like you’re on the phone all day. Either that or you’re avoiding the phone and just trying to get some work done. If this sounds familiar, then you might have thought about using a call answering service. Maybe you’ve even looked at some of the big providers, but decided they charge too much or aren’t the right fit for you. But today we’re here to tell you to try something a little bit smaller, and a little closer to home. Working with an independent business for your call answering needs can be hugely rewarding – and get you better service too.

Call Handling Experts At Your Fingertips

You might not realise it, but call answering is a skill. While we’ve all taken plenty of phone calls in our life, when it comes to business, you want someone with call answering expertise answering your phone. With a call answering service that is exactly what you get. Your phone calls being answered by trained professionals who understand not only how to interact with customers, but how to get the results you want. This means callers will feel much more like a valued customer and individual, and less like a number on a call sheet. So as well as answering calls, you can get advice on the best way to field enquiries, give better service to your customers, or take advantage of our lead qualification service to improve your chances of making a sale.

Personal Service

When it comes to business, there is nothing better than personal service. The problem is that huge call centre-style services can be driven by stats and performance figures rather than quality service levels. This means that you as their customer represent nothing more than a number – a figure on their stat sheet for the day. The operators rarely get to know you, your business and its aims, and can’t engage with your customers in a tailored, personal way. But an independent call answering service doesn’t just see your business as a pay cheque – we see you as an individual, and see your business for the unique entity it is. That means you get treated like a person, and we take your needs and wants into account. Independent call answering services (like us) are much more able to work around your schedule, so you can turn the service on and off when you need to, or scale it up and down whenever you need to. The flexibility and personal service of an independent business really can make all the difference for both your business performance and your customers.

Tailored Call Handling

If you opt to use a call farm style business, you will probably find they funnel you into using one of their pre-prepared scripts to answer calls. This is so that they don’t have to train staff in multiple call answering techniques, and can instead have every call answered the same way. It’s a cost-saving measure for this kind of business, and it makes sense if you’re only looking at the bottom line. But we know that’s not what you as the business owner care about. When your business is your baby, you want to make sure it’s being represented in the best way possible at all times. It’s unique, and so are you, so how could you possibly fit into a pre-written script. An independent call answering service will be more likely to tailor their services to suit you. That means they will be able to answer your calls how you want them to, and will be able to give specific answers, direct to the right places and generally give more of a bespoke answering service. Which is what you want, isn’t it?

Support Flexible Working

For smaller business owners, flexibility is essential. The ability to adapt to change and move with new trends is part of the reason so many people prefer working with smaller businesses now, and the businesses who can harness this flexible approach generally do better. But while you might be able to be flexible and change with the times, a call-centre won’t be as agile. They won’t be able to change the service you receive as and when you need it, and meet your ever-changing needs. But an independent call answering service (which tend to be slightly smaller than the call centre farms) are much more adaptable, allowing them to react to changes quickly. So you won’t be stuck with a service that doesn’t quite work anymore, or be restricted by the way your provider wants to work.

At Verbatim, we specialise in providing call answering services and full virtual receptionists to businesses like yours. Our team are always on hand to make sure you have the support you need, whether that’s overflow call handling or 24/7 call answering support. So if you’re interested, just get in touch with the team today and book your free consultation.


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