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Why it adds up for accountancy firms to outsource call answering and web chat

By Nick East

April 28, 2021

Many finance and accounting firms are under pressure to deliver an exceptional standard of professional service to their clients. Whatever the channel of communication, be it a meeting in person, an email, over the phone or via a web chat, clients have come to expect high-quality interaction. Not to mention the importance of client confidentiality and data protection laws, which have to be respected at all times. 

So, how do busy accountancy firms manage it all? One great solution is to hire a
call-answering or web-chat service to take some of the strain.

Saving Time and Money

When it comes to accountancy time really is money. When you’re working with something as complex as numbers, you will often need blocks of uninterrupted time to ensure everything is done correctly. Answering the phone or responding to a message often becomes difficult and you may have to make a choice – take the call, or finish a piece of work? 

Choosing a bespoke answering service can help protect that time by dealing with enquiries as and when they come in. This involves taking calls or messages and passing them on to you to deal with, when you have the time, leaving you to prioritise what you need to, without sacrificing customer service. Running an accountancy firm isn’t cheap and hiring a full-time receptionist is expensive – especially when you consider recruitment, training and general employment costs. But our services can provide you with the same results (usually better) at a fraction of the cost. As Colin from Need Financial Planning put it:

Using the service, business is good. I was able to give up my paper round. You guys are doing a great job.”

An Innovative Approach

Perhaps a new territory for accountancy firms, web chat is fast becoming a necessity. When handling new enquiries, for example, accountants often have to go through a long list of information before they can determine if they can help. Using web chat, you can provide a standard list of qualifying questions, so that we can refer the website visitor to the right person within the team. It can give prospective clients the information they need quickly and easily, be it finding out about the services on offer, an idea of fees, or booking an appointment. 

This could certainly offer a competitive advantage. It’s also a great way to engage with existing clients. More people are doing business at all times of the day, when it suits them – which could be when your business is closed. But using web chat, each enquiry has an immediate human interaction which is attended to immediately, all of which leads to better customer service and a stronger client experience. 

Respecting Company Values

Many accountancy firms are concerned about how outsourcing will reflect their business. The trick is to find a service that can blend in with your team flawlessly, understand your business as well as you do and navigate difficult conversations with confidence. Rowena from The VAT Consultancy thinks we at Verbatim do exactly that:

We have been most impressed with the quality of the service — they are very cheerful, friendly, professional and efficient. It really does feel like they are part of our team, with a better grasp of where our staff are, their availability and key clients than our own in-house receptionists had!”

At Verbatim, we understand how difficult – if not impossible – it can be to answer the phone or messages all the time – which is where we can help. From providing an overflow service when you’re too busy, to taking detailed call information from clients, our services are flexible, professional and exactly what you need to support your growing business. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.


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