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When schools face closure due to bad weather – what’s the plan?

With the UK weather being more unpredictable every year, schools are having to make immediate decisions about if and when to close. Often this decision is made out of hours, long before staff have arrived causing a communication issue all round, and for the Head Teacher the knock on effects of last minute closure are many
Notifying the right people, staff, students and parents promptly is vital if the Head wants to avoid situations that cause massive disruption, not just for the school, but for parents who are forced to make last minute childcare arrangements. The key in these situations is to have a robust, tested and approved plan in place that utilises the best and most reliable technology to speed the process up, and eliminate hassle. But whilst most schools will have a plan, it may not be effective, which leaves them unprepared and liable to confusion about what response mechanisms are in place.

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Call out engineers with our super hero………Captain EDGE

Captains log – Stardate 91759.74
Hi I’m Captain EDGE, Verbatim’s EDGE Care super hero and I ‘m so excited to be given my very own Captain’s blog!
One of my heroes is Deep Blue, IBM’s super computer who went on to beat international chess Grand Master, Kasparov, in the 90’s.
It got me thinking about how to apply 21st century intelligence to the business of calling out emergency maintenance crews to fix production line machinery and critical IT or power systems. We have come a long way from the early days of production but sometimes our response in a crisis can seem a little archaic. Calling around your engineers in the hope someone picks up.

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Customer Retention

How To Win More Customers And Retain Them For Longer Have you noticed that it’s those small details that can make the difference between winning

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Protected Time

Warning: Is Your Availability Undermining Your Business Achievements? Do you feel you have too much to do but never enough time to do it? Does

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