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Articles and advice on delivering a first rate customer service

From over twenty years of helping our clients provide the best service possible to their customers, we’ve built up a wealth of ideas and advice we’d love to share with you.
Friendly owners in the Damianos Bar Corfu

Treating customers as a welcome guest

At Verbatim we try to deliver the same feeling of treating your clients and regular callers like welcome guests as my good friend Damianos does in our favourite bar in Corfu. All of our clients have access to our VIP and frequent caller module so that when a regular calls your office we’ll treat them like a welcome guest. It’s all part of the Verbatim service.

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Two people shouting at one another

Do You use Bad Language?

Over the 21 years of running Verbatim, I’ve become acutely aware of some of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when communicating with clients and prospects on the phone.
And one of the biggest ones is not thinking hard enough about what sort of language they use.

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Brand voice image

What do you sound like?

Last week I shared two experiences we had with Uber, and how individuals in a company can have a tremendous impact on your brand, both good and bad.
And it’s something that I wanted to address in a bit more detail this week, as it often seems to me that a lot of businesses pay precious little attention to the message that the individuals in their business give to prospective and existing customers.

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Verbatim CEO sees Harry Kane score in August

Dropped into a William Boyd plot

I like to read, and the summer is when I can really get my teeth into a book.
And when I read, I love to read William Boyd.
The man is a sensational writer, with this uncanny ability to write about life and the random nature of the existence we have.
And last Friday, I felt like I’d been dropped into a Boyd plot.

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Just Go

What would happen if you wanted to take a break from your business? Would your calls get answered? Would your diary get managed? Would enquiries be taken and sales appointments scheduled? Would the whole thing run without you?

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Graphic depicting how to set up a call answering service

Set up your call answering service with ease

One of the concerns businesses have about outsourcing is the initial set up costs – money, time and effort. If you’ve been putting off setting up your call answering service because you’re concerned about what you’ll need to invest, this blog post is for you.

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Colourful image showing how to delight customers with added extras

How to delight your customers with added extras

We all want to impress our customers, stand out from the competition and grow our business. However, that means going the extra mile and putting in a little effort to delight your clients. It’s all about meeting and then exceeding expectations with some little added extras. That’s what motivates people to leave you great reviews, recommend you to their friends and stay loyal to you. So, what are these added extras?

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5 ways to bring back the work/life balance

Having time focused on people and activities you love outside of work will make you more productive and happier when your return to business. However, we don’t want to risk sacrificing the success of our businesses. So what’s the answer? We’re sharing 5 different ways you can bring back the work/life balance

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Omage of Graham Hill meeting with Sir Clive Woodward

An exclusive list of one

A few months ago, I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Sir Clive Woodward and hearing him talk.
Given that Woodward is the only living English coach to lead a team to a World Cup win, it’s fair to say that the wisdom he had to share was worth hearing!

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